Mango 5

2024 Vision

“2024 Vision: AI Isn’t the Sole Trend Impacting the BPO Industry”

Current business trends heavily centre on technology and are anticipated to be even more reliant on it in 2024. A recent piece by Bernard Marr in Forbes magazine (September 2023) suggests that as our comprehension of technology, notably artificial intelligence (AI), progresses, so does our grasp of its limitations. This evolving understanding in 2024 is expected to provoke fresh insights into the essence of humanity—a motif Marr believes resonates within this year’s forecasts.

Power Skills & Customer Experiences

As the automation of technical work like coding, research, and data management grows more viable, the importance of connecting soft skills for tasks demanding human distinction becomes paramount. Mango5, in its role as a BPO, will intensify our focus on cultivating and fostering abilities such as emotional intelligence, communication, interpersonal problem-solving, strategic thinking, and thought leadership. These skills are instrumental in crafting innovative customer experiences.

Based on Deloitte Digital’s recent Global Contact Center Survey, there’s a projected substantial growth for Business Process Outsourcers (BPOs) in the coming two years. This indicates an increasing inclination for many brands to rely on BPOs for customer support in the future.

Tailoring to our client’s requirements and needs, connecting the potential of data, embracing inclusivity and diversity, and fortifying resilience at Mango5 are not merely trends for 2024 but integral elements of our vision. They form the foundation for delivering innovative services to our customers in the upcoming year.

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