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Black Friday: Tips to Help Businesses Boost Sales and Cope

It’s that time of year again and Black Friday is right around the corner. For most businesses, this is a time of dread. There is so much to prepare for, so much to plan and so much stress around the madness of customers shopping furiously to get the best deals!

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the biggest sales of the year. We know these last 2 years have been tough on business and it’s not easy to bounce back. At Mango5, we understand business functions and work with many different kinds of businesses. We know how wild and overwhelming Black Friday gets and those non-stop customer service lines that drive you crazy with customers calling in for assistance, complaints, or queries.

Minimize the madness this Black Friday with our tips to help businesses boost sales and cope.

Tips to boost Black Friday sales

  1. Make sales clear and understandable

On your website and social media, make sure your sales and terms are perfectly clear. Any instructions and deals must be easy for everyone to understand. This helps reduce the number of customer queries regarding confusion on the sales or availability and duration.

Keep readability in mind for those with visual impairments and don’t go crazy with fancy fonts and colors – keep it simple.

  1. Setup a Black Friday/holiday sales page

Having a dedicated page for your Black Friday sales is very useful. This makes it easier to share a link to the sales pages, easier for clients to find all the specials, and easier for you to disable the page when the sales are over.

Online shopping is the way to go these days. In 2020, online shopping became the safest way to do your shopping and the popularity spiked tremendously. This year will be no different; online shopping is a global preference.

  1. Optimize your site

As we mentioned above, online shopping is extremely popular these days. Many people will be doing their Black Friday shopping online to avoid crowds and in-store madness. Therefore, it’s extremely important to make sure your website is optimized and fast.

Check your site functionality on mobile as well. Numerous customers will be using their phones to quickly basket deals. So be sure everything is running smoothly!

  1. Introduce new or limited edition products

Another great tip for boosting Black Friday sales is to introduce any new products or limited edition products. Write enthralling content about these upcoming products and specials to hype up the mystery and excitement. If you’ve been worried about how a new product is going to do, hyping it up around Black Friday is a good way to go!

  1. Promote on social media and email campaigns

Lastly, after all that preparation, don’t forget to promote your sales! Marketing marketing marketing! Let your customers and clients know if you’re participating in Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Post on all your social media profiles and don’t forget about the email campaigns too! Send out reminders 7 days before the sale starts and 1 day before.

Tips to cope during Black Friday

  • Prepare for it. Prepare your posts, specials, website, email campaigns and everything in advance. Start planning a few weeks before so you don’t get overwhelmed during the time.
  • Prioritize customer service. Customer service during the Black Friday weekend and Cyber Monday should be top of your priorities. If you don’t have the time for dedicated customer service, consider outsourcing. Outsourcing is a cost-effective and reliable strategy to ensure a great customer experience!
  • Check your stock! In the rush of the Black Friday preparations, it can be easy to forget your stock. Make certain that you do this beforehand so that you don’t run into any overselling or other stock issues.

In Summary

Black Friday doesn’t have to be as daunting as it seems. Plan and prepare ahead of time by following our tips to help businesses boost sales and cope and you’ll get through it!

If you do not have time for everything, especially customer service, then we recommend outsourcing. Outsourcing customer service is a cost-effective solution for enhancing customer experience.

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