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BPO – a gamechanger!

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) started already back in the 1960s and has since then been growing and expanding rapidly.    It was a gamechanger in the business world then and is still today, with innovative technology that makes it an even more effective business tool than ever.  

Outsourcing not only changes the foundation of how employment was done traditionally but is able to transform companies to operate more streamline and effective.  

It is important to know and understand how BPO works and how it will benefit your company. 

Outsourcing is beneficial for all kinds of businesses. Most commonly, it’s used when businesses get many customer queries and don’t have time to focus on every aspect of the business or customer service.

Certain activities, such as customer service, sales, account management, and freight management that requires a large workforce, can often be done at a high quality and low cost when outsourced compared to internalising such functions. 

Therefore, staffing solutions (local or offshore) allows companies to hire remarkable staff at very good rates.  Basically, you treat the staff as your own employees, except all the legal, back-office and infrastructure is taken care of for you by the BPO company or to the degree you want it to be taken care off. 

That not only saves you time and money, but it gives you the time to focus on your core business function and main duties to keep things going smoothly. 

Partner with Mango5 – one of the top BPO Outsource Centres in South Africa where innovation is at the forefront of everything we do. We offer our clients tailor-made, world-class enriched customer services that are authentic and unique to their brand.  It will be a gamechanger for your company!

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