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Common Misconceptions About BPO Outsourcing

Did you know that there are quite a few common misconceptions about BPO outsourcing? Well, there are! For this reason, many businesses skip over the option of outsourcing and miss out on the benefits because they are under false impressions.

Outsourcing has many benefits for both big businesses and small businesses. Don’t let the rumours and misconceptions diminish your chances of seeing the advantages of BPO outsourcing. What are the common misconceptions about BPO outsourcing you’re wondering? Let’s have a look…

Outsourcing is an extra expense

This is a top, common misconception about outsourcing. People seem to think that outsourcing is an extra and expensive additional cost to a business, when in reality that is not the case.

Depending on the services you’re looking to outsource, you can save a lot of money on office equipment costs, additional employees, time etc.

Therefore, unless you are going to keep in-house employees while paying for outsourcing of the same service, outsourcing is not an extra expense. Implementing BPO into your business is an investment.

Outsourcing is only for big businesses

Now this one is definitely an incorrect misinterpretation of outsourcing. Any business and any kind of company can make use of outsourcing! Whether you are a startup or a big, corporate brand, there is an outsourcing solution available to help you grow.


The most common service that businesses of all sizes find useful is customer service. It helps to know that there is always someone available and qualified to help your customers. Email support, web/live chat, warm calling and customer acquisition – these are all examples of services which an outsourcing professional can manage while you focus on your core business function.

You lose control over your business

You do not lose any control over your business or your brand. Outsourcing professionals are skilled in their area of expertise and their job is to help your business grow and manage services/tasks for you. They do not try to take over your business or change the way things work.

In-house staff and employees are more affordable

Contrary to popular belief, in-house staffing is not more affordable than outsourcing with a third-party company. By choosing to outsource, you save on office space, equipment, staff salaries and more.

BPO is more cost-effective than hiring additional in-house employees.

Your data is not secure

False! An experienced and reputable BPO company will never give access to your data to unauthorized people. Your data is as safe with them as their own data is.

Security and data protection are our top priority! At Mango5, we take your data security very seriously and offer end-to-end firewalls to protect it. All Mango5 devices are protected by centralized policies with role-based access controls.


Closing thoughts

As with any industry or service, there are common misconceptions about the way things work. Some of the top common misconceptions about BPO outsourcing are that it’s an extra expense, your data is not secure, you lose control of your business and in-house staffing is more affordable. These are false!

Do yourself and your business a favour and do your research. There are many advantages to outsourcing that your business could benefit from.

It doesn’t matter if you are a startup business or a long-running big business, there is an outsourcing solution that can help your business operate at peak performance.

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