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How the Pandemic Has Shaped Modern Business

With 2021 coming to a close, many businesses are reflecting on the last year and how the pandemic has shaped modern business.

When we say modern business, we are referring to the way the businesses have had to adapt and change. Most businesses and companies had to adjust to a world where the only way business could be conducted was online. For the unfortunate few, it was a real adapt-or-die situation; they either had to find a way to keep their business going online, or they had to close.

It’s been a rough year for businesses all over the world. So how has the pandemic shaped the way businesses are running now? Let’s discuss the changes required for a modern business.

Requirements of a modern business


Adapting to modern ways of business working

As we briefly mentioned in the opening paragraph, most businesses were forced to adapt to running online. This modern way of working has changed the game in business and even the way employees and co-workers interact. It’s also changed the way customers and clients have access to the business.

Job interviews, presentations, meetings, etc. were, and still are, done online with video calling. Adapting to this new way of working was a challenge for some and a simple transition for others. In order to survive the modern world, businesses had to work in modern ways.

The biggest challenge from covid 19 for businesses in South Africa is the financial impact. For businesses that import and deliver goods, they struggled with delays and increased costs.

Prioritize customer experience

Customer experience has a big impact on business success. Statistics show that CX (customer experience) will be a top priority in 2022. Therefore, customer experience online will also affect the success of a modern business and customer retention. Prioritize your customer experience and make sure they have a good experience interacting with your business online.

Ensure your online features are working the way they are supposed to, your site speed is good, response time is fast and you’ve already taken the first steps to success.

Expand business functions and outsource

Another way many businesses have successfully adapted since the pandemic is by outsourcing and upgrading technology.

Outsourcing is a cost-effective solution for many services. Businesses commonly outsource their customer service, call centre services, webchat, cold & warm calling, marketing, customer acquisition, and more.

If your team or employees don’t have the required tech to work remotely and you can’t afford to supply it, then outsourcing is a great solution.



The pandemic has shaped modern business in a few ways. People have had to adapt their businesses to be able to function predominantly online. The transition wasn’t easy for everyone.

Now, a year after the life-changing 2020, many businesses have stuck to their modern ways of working. Why? The short answer is… it works! With the world and technology evolving around us, business must evolve with it.

To adapt to the changes of the world around us, people had to be open-minded to new ways. Being a modern business requires modern ways of working, adjusting priorities, and expanding business functions. Outsourcing is a great and reliable solution to keep various business functions operating that you aren’t able to manage remotely.

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