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Inside Outsourcing: How Does Outsourcing Customer Service Work

Outsourcing is a broad and in-depth industry with many sectors. One of the most popular services to outsource is customer service. In case you’re unfamiliar with the term, outsourcing customer service is exactly what it sounds like – having your customer service department handled by a third-party company.

What is customer service?

Customer service is by far one of the most important departments in business function and success. When we refer to customer service or customer support, we are talking about the process of helping clients and customers with problems, queries and concerns they may have.

The full extent of customer service differs from business to business. In general, it covers daily responsibilities such as helping customers with a question, managing an order, offering a solution to a problem, assisting with a dispute and any process before, during, or after a purchase.


How does outsourcing customer service work?

An outsourcing service provider can work from any location as long as they have all the necessary resources. When people think about the term outsourcing customer service, they usually picture a big corporate office with many desks of employees – like that of a call centre. In some cases, this is true.

Outsourcing providers can have anywhere from 20 to 100+ employees! Each employee is trained in various sectors of customer service and taught how to use all required equipment, software and technology. Apart from the technical training, customer service employees are also trained to communicate efficiently and professionally with all kinds of customers. They know exactly how to handle apprehensive customers, rude customers, confused customers, and so forth. So, you don’t have to worry about losing a customer to an incorrectly handled situation.

Depending on your requirements, the outsourcing provider will either assign a team or an individual to your customer service. One of the first steps is to have a discussion with the outsourcing provider about your requirements, customer needs and target areas. What do you want to get out of outsourcing? How can they help your customer service grow? What are your goals in customer service?

A team of experts will then be assigned to manage your customer service. If any further training is required, it’ll be handled before full control of your customer service is handed over. Some companies like to work in close contact with the outsourcing team. If that’s the case, you can usually choose between daily, weekly, or monthly updates and meetings. These conference meetings are usually done online via video calls. Outsourcing providers will always make sure to accommodate for your needs to the best of their ability and everyone’s convenience. 


Outsourcing customer service or customer support

In case you are wondering if there is a difference between customer service and customer support, yes, there is. Customer service is a broad term used to classify all services of helping a customer. Customer support is a type of customer service. As we mentioned above, depending on your specific needs, you can either outsource a particular sector of customer service, or you can outsource your whole customer service department.


There are a lot of benefits of outsourcing your business services. Most notably, outsourcing and BPO outsourcing are very well-known as cost-effective solutions for outsourcing time-consuming business functions such as customer service. One of the best things about outsourcing is that there is a large talent pool of employees. These trained professionals come from all walks of life and backgrounds and are ready & set up to handle your customer service with skill and expertise.

In modern business, Covid-19 hit hard. Outsourcing has helped to prevent a lot of companies from closing. Outsourcing helps businesses save money, resources, time and space.

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