Mango 5

Mango5’s heritage is your advantage!

Celebrating Heritage month in South Africa during September, puts the spotlight on our own Company and our corporate heritage as well.  The encyclopedia defines an “Enterprise Cultural Heritage (ECH) as the combination of history and products that belong to an enterprise and are recognised by the organization as a potential resource of uniqueness, innovation, and differentiation of products and services.”

At Mango5 our brand heritage is growing stronger every year.  COVID-19 has created the unexpected need for remote working, dispersing our teams, refocusing, reprioritising and strategizing for an unknown future, with a promise of continued service delivery to our clients.  We were able to lift our value proposition based on a heritage of team building, work ethics, core values and customer services.

Our Company Heritage manifests in the Company Culture – those shared set of values, commitments and perspectives that drive our team’s decisions.

What guides our decision making in growing a company with a heritage?


Success depends largely on our processes which developed over years of working with clients and tailor-making the processes to meet their needs. These successful processes support flexibility, collaboration and resilience.

With a sound business model, we are focused that our processes and documentation need to reflect that same standard of quality. It is all part of the journey, creating continued clear objectives or methods to reach those goals, otherwise it can lead to delays in decision making and a lot of internal chaos and confusions.

We encourage innovation, while providing direction with minimal interruption and to provide new hires with a baseline of what’s expected and how things should be done.

Our culture inspires creativity from staff to improve our processes on existing frameworks, which creates new levels of performance even in the face of adversity.

Our culture is centred around communication, accountability and care.

All this combined proved to be our company’s most powerful advantage, because this culture pushed through the difficult circumstances and came together to drive one another and the business forward during the corona virus pandemic.

Our values which developed over the years, make our business better.  

Developing a co-developed culture with strong leadership and employee buy-in, is all part of the Mango5 Heritage and the leverage from our cultural “capital”.

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