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Strategies to Build Employee Experience

Every business needs a good team to succeed. With that in mind, you should know that having a good team isn’t just based on the skills your employees have, but also the experience they have working for you. It’s beneficial to have a team of people working with you who are truly happy with their experience and enjoying working for the company.

If you feel employee experience in your business could be better, then we’ve got some tips for you.

Let’s take a look at 6 ways to build employee experience.

Make use of employee journey maps

Journey mapping is a good way to monitor and map out your employees\’ growth. It’s also very effective in motivating employees about their goals and the steps that can be taken to achieve those goals. Make use of journey maps for your team to help them grow with your business.


Increase and improve communication

One of the simplest ways to improve the overall experience and atmosphere of the workplace is to make lighthearted conversation. Chat to your employees in a friendly manner and chat about things outside of the usual work discussions.

Showing interest in their general well-being goes a long way to show you care.

Employee surveys

Try doing employee surveys to find out what incentives your employees prefer. Would a majority of your team prefer more benefits or a raise? Surveys aren’t just limited to the benefits; you can get all kinds of feedback from your employees to figure out what works best for them and you.

By allowing them to let you know how their work experience could be improved, you’re also encouraging them to provide feedback and that makes them more involved in the business. This brings us on to the next point…


Encourage employee feedback

Set a monthly or quarterly day where your employees can take time to provide feedback on their experience with the company, what ideas they have for improvement, what they think is lacking and so forth. Not only does this help encourage honest communication, but it also promotes trust and confidence in and amongst the whole team.

Provide career development programs & training

Another great way to build employee experience is to offer further training & support! Whether you’re offering the resources, extra time for learning, training programs, seminars etc. you can improve the experience your employees are having working with you, while expanding their skill set at the same time. It’s a win-win for everybody.

Educate your employees on the company vision

Employee engagement and motivation to work can be pushed if they’re excited about the company mission. Remind your employees of the goals of the company and get them to chip in ideas to help reach those goals.

Make sure everyone is one the same page and understands the company mission and vision so you’re working in sync as a team.



Building employee experience is achievable for any company. Pay attention to what your employees say, the feedback they provide (remember this is a good practice to include in monthly or quarterly check-ins with your team) and listen to them.

Communication is the key to all successful relationships, both in your personal life and in the workplace.

Follow our strategies to build employee experience and you and your team will soon see the improvements.At Mango5, we take pride in our core principles and make sure everyone we hire is in line with our company mission. We provide our employees with innovative training and empower them to become a differentiator in their organization!  We hope these strategy tips will help you to empower your team too.

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