Mango 5

The Power of Youth

In South Africa, June is dedicated to celebrating youth, with Youth Day observed on the 16th of June. At Mango5, over 70% of our staff are classified as youth, being under the age of 35.

Jane Goodall (2015) states, “If young people are informed and empowered when they realise that what they do truly makes a difference, it can indeed change the world.”

Being surrounded by the youth’s energy and innovative visions inspires us as a BPO, fostering growth and innovation. Their enthusiasm is almost contagious.

So, it can be claimed that young individuals have the power to change the world into a better place when they understand and use their potential.  At Mango5, we aim to develop every individual to their potential.  It is a combined effort, almost a snowball effect because ultimately, it creates healthier and sound communities.

Driven and passionate individuals who share experiences and work together as a team, using the correct resources, have a major impact on our client services to create a positive impact, which is what the world needs right now.

It will always be a goal of Mango5 to empower young change-makers whose active involvement and leadership embody the power of youth in all aspects.

At Mango5, we recognise the positive impact of youth engagement as a crucial resource for all our development strategies and offerings. Their active involvement and leadership are crucial for achieving the goals of both Mango5 and our clients.

Youth engagement creates a sense of belongingness, builds a common identity that inspires action and brings like-minded people together to pursue common goals.   That is Mango5!

Mango5’s empowered youth, are fuelling our growth as a BPO!

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