Mango 5

Unlocking the power of Human Rights to make an impact

Celebrating Human Rights month is a chance to acknowledge every person\’s humanity and recognize all individuals\’ dignity and worth. That is such a dynamic, continuous process that Mango5, as a BPO, strives to cultivate. This active process leads to stronger and more efficient teamwork and, ultimately, stronger communities.

More than 75 years ago, Eleanor Roosevelt wrote that human rights must begin close to home, starting with everyone who is part of that person’s community. That includes that person’s workspace! Diversity and inclusion are essential ingredients of human rights, but it is so much more than race and gender; it applies to all aspects of differences of an individual or group.

Considering current social events, Mango5 purposefully takes time to reflect on how we can better support the lives of our employees and customers and reach out to our immediate communities. We realise that this highlights our responsibility for becoming more aware and educated on our role in driving equality and inclusion across our entire company, which will hopefully have a bigger ripple effect in our communities.

Human Rights highlight the importance of dignity and respect, acknowledging every human being, regardless of their background, beliefs, or circumstances.

Respect and compassion are strong values at Mango5, which strives to create a sense of shared responsibility and fosters a sense of common humanity, promoting peace and stability in the Mango5 world and its customers.

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