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What is Cold Calling and How Does it Affect Business?

Cold calling is a business process done by marketing and sales professionals whereby they contact potential new clients or customers and introduce them to the business.

There’s a lot of debate on whether cold calling is actually effective or worth it. Companies can use cold calling in different ways for different purposes, but the main goal remains the same: to bring in new clients or customers.   

What is cold calling?

Sales and marketing professionals do extensive research on the client, gather leads and spend a lot of time perfecting their sales pitch. Once they’ve compiled a list of leads, their job is to give them a call, make the pitch and hopefully get a conversion.

One of the top reasons for cold-calling success is human connection. People are more likely to listen to and engage in an actual conversation rather than read a marketing email or advertising description. When talking on the phone to someone who undoubtedly knows what they’re talking about, and has all the answers, the potential client will show interest by asking questions.

Telemarketers are trained professionals in their field and know exactly how to handle even the most difficult clients.


How does cold calling affect business?

Cold calling affects businesses in different ways, but it can be beneficial for all kinds of businesses. New customer acquisition is, of course, a top priority goal for all business owners. We want to keep existing customers loyal and turn potential customers and clients into returning clients. This is called customer retention.

Although they sound like similar things, calling new potential clients and calling existing clients with new offers are two different things. The latter is called warm calling.

Both are beneficial to business and usually, an outsourcing company offers both services.

The effectiveness of cold-calling can vary on several factors. A lot has to do with the right time, the right pitch, the right conversational skills and so forth.

Statistics show that cold calling is more effective when it’s a solution to help a problem or if made early in the buying process.

Benefits of cold calling:

  • Direct contact with potential clients and leads
  • Real-time feedback
  • Good practice for sales pitching
  • Insight into what customers and clients want/are looking for
  • Establish trust and connection


Cold calling is a time-old method of marketing that is still proven successful. Despite the fact that people think cold-calling is dead, we believe that with the right information and professional skills, cold calling is very beneficial to business.

Building relationships with clients or businesses (B2B) is a great way to establish trust, listen to what the people want, and prove that your business is run by real people with real intentions. Although it may have a lower success rate than other marketing efforts, it’s cheaper and has its own list of benefits.

At Mango5, we take pride in our extensive experience in customer acquisition. Through real-world experience, we have developed sales techniques and methods with a high conversion rate.  A big part of our success comes from our in-house analytical capabilities to get the best out of the leads provided. We also pride ourselves on the quality of the conversations.

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