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Why do companies offshore to South Africa?

The BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) is an old and ever-changing industry. Over the last few years, Cape Town has become known as the fastest-growing BPO location of choice.

You’re probably here because you’re wondering, why is South Africa a popular choice?

In this article, we’ll go over the main reasons why companies offshore to South Africa. Let’s begin…

According to GlobalAfrica Network, South Africa was named “Offshoring Destination of the Year” in 2018.

South Africa’s BPO industry is still growing at a positive rate and has become one of the best sources of job creation in the country. Statistics from InvestCapeTown show that Cape Town’s BPO sector grew by 11.2% in 2018, creating 6172 new jobs.


Factors that make Cape Town, South Africa a popular choice:

Neutral English accents

South Africans have very neutral accents which are easy to understand in spoken English. This makes call centre agents and any customer care line employees a preferred choice for companies to outsource with, knowing their customers won’t have a difficult time understanding.

Advanced technology

BPOs in South Africa have access to the latest technologies and requirements to run a smooth, successful operation.

Diverse talent pool

One of the most notable factors in choosing South Africa as a favourite offshore location is the diverse talent pool of employees and workers.


Statistics show that Cape Town has a 50% cost saving for Australian clients! That’s really impressive. Incentives further reduce costs of operation making South Africa in range with India and the Philippines.

First-world infrastructure

Cape Town, South Africa is well-known for its first-world infrastructure and, as a bonus, has government support for skill development and infrastructure incentives to invest in the BPO sector.

Global contact centre experience

South Africa has been in the call centre business for many years. This adds a great deal of experience and global recognition for the BPO sector, thus, making it a trustworthy offshore outsourcing location.

Now you know all the reasons why companies offshore to South Africa. Next, let’s have a quick overview of which services industries can outsource and what’s covered.

BPO’s in South Africa offers a vast range of outsourcing services. These include:

– Legal process services

– Financial, banking and insurance

– Healthcare and medical

– IT infrastructure and application development

In particular, South Africa has a strong foundation in legal process services and financial & banking services.


With all the above-mentioned factors, it’s easy to see why companies offshore to South Africa. South Africa has years of experience, good quality of life, large talent pool, BPO incentives, lower costs and easy-to-understand neutral English accents.

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