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BPO insights: How Customer Experience Ratings Can Help You

Customer experience is one of the most talked-about factors of business success and failure. Without customers, your business wouldn’t be able to keep going or succeed. The great thing about positive customer experience ratings is that it’s basically free advertising.

Loyal customers who have a good experience with your business are more likely to recommend your business to friends and family, share your promotions on social media, or just spread awareness about your business with word-of-mouth – that’s free advertising!

Although the above sounds great, customer experience is not always positive and bad ratings and reviews happen. Whether good or bad, let’s dive into how customer experience ratings can help you.

The first step to getting customer experience ratings and reviews is offering various customer feedback options. Make sure you include as many options as possible for your customers to provide feedback and ratings.


Some ideas for feedback options are:

  • Google review
  • Surveys
  • Email contact forms
  • Website contact forms
  • Asking clients/customers for testimonials
  • Social media
  • Quick interviews
  • In-store feedback book/rating cards

Benefits of customer experience ratings:

Insight into customer thoughts and wants

One of the top ways in which customer experience ratings can help you is by giving insight into what your customers want and what they’re thinking. This insight helps you to determine what sells, what’s in demand, and what customers may or may not like about a certain product or service.

Information on areas that need improvement

As mentioned above, getting feedback and ratings from customers on your products or service helps you understand what customers want and think; therefore, helping you determine what needs improvement. All reviews are helpful reviews. Whether the ratings are bad or good, they are helpful. Unless you really messed up somewhere, “bad” reviews aren’t necessarily all that bad. This negative feedback from unsatisfied customers will help you realize what needs improvement.

Use your customer’s ratings to discover areas that need improvement within your business. The necessary changes that you implement will make your customers happy and your business flourish!

Free advertising (for the positive reviews)

Did you know that your loyal customers are probably promoting your business more than you do? It’s true! Happy customers will recommend your business to friends and family. Another way customers provide free advertising is by sharing your posts and products on social media.

When people like something, they share it and talk about it because they want to. When they are happy with something, they like to let you know. This form of positive feedback is all your good reviews.

These good reviews left by happy, satisfied customers encourage other people to give you a chance. The more positive reviews and ratings you get, the more people are inclined to try your business and the more the word spreads.


Awareness of employee-customer interaction

Another beneficial way customer experience ratings can help you is by raising awareness on how your employees and staff are treating the customers.

More often than not, a customer won’t hesitate to call out a rude employee. If someone in your team is causing trouble without your knowledge, listen to your customers; they’ll let you know who’s out of line!

Customer retention and acquisition

One of the bonuses of happy customers is that they recommend and tell more people about your business. Listening to your current customers and making improvements to keep them loyal will result in high customer retention, and eventually, new customer acquisition. That’s exactly what every business wants! Before you can bring in new customers, you have to listen to what your current customers are saying.

Increased revenue

And lastly, as you’ve seen from all the above, happy customers = more customers (more revenue). By listening to what the people want, you get more people’s interest. Loyal customers spread the word, share your business or products on social media, write great reviews and give you ratings that increase your customer acquisition and your revenue!

Increased revenue and a good reputation are two very rewarding ways customer experience ratings can help you.

Final Thoughts


From the above, we’ve learned that customer experience ratings can help you by providing insight into customer’s thoughts and wants, give you information on areas that need improvement, free advertising, awareness of your employee-customer interactions; this helps you find out if any of your employees are responsible for treating customers badly, improve customer retention and acquisition, and increase revenue.

It doesn’t matter if the ratings are good or bad; all customer experience feedback is helpful!

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